Brand New Feature to the beTheSignal Blog- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In the last few months, I’ve had occasion to participate in a number of question and answer events.

On Jan 26, 2012, I hosted the first online Chat with Printed Circuit University. In the hour and a half live session, I answered about 20 questions, all of which were recorded and posted.

What most participants did not know was that at almost the moment the chat room opened, I had a water pipe burst in my basement and I was rushing between my computer to quickly read a question and furiously type an answer, to finding the main water shut off valve in the house, mopping up the floor and finding the number for an emergency plumber. This was one occasion I was glad the chat was only by written word and not a video feed!

At the most recent DesignCon 2012, I moderated a panel discussion, “Ask the experts,… anything goes.” We had seven industry experts field questions from an audience of about 75 sitting around us on the show floor in the ChipHead Theater. In our brief 45 minutes together, we covered questions about return currents to the future of copper vs optical interconnects.

IMG_2472In the months of January and February, I taught a total of 14 different classes around the world, in Switzerland, Germany, the States, Malaysia, Singapore and China, and visited with over 800 students. After each class, I was always inundated with students hungry for answers to their specific questions.

I usually receive a dozen emails each week from former students or folks who read my book and still have a question. While I try to answer each note, I am finding that many of the questions are similar.

I’ve decide to introduce a new feature in my blog which will be Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs). I’ve created a new static page on my blog which will be the running list of questions folks send to me and I will select specific questions every so often to answer in my blog. When I post an answer, I will link it to the question on the static page.

I invite you to submit your questions to me at and I will add it to my list and try to make a point of answering it for you. I am going to keep the question source anonymous so you should feel free to ask anything you want. The better I can understand your question, the better I will be able to answer it.

I’m giving some thought to creating some sort of office hours which might be a Google+ video chat room or some other live video chat event. If you have some suggestions, drop me a note:

Hope to see you in one of my upcoming classes.

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