SI Studio for Signal-Channel-Eye Analysis now Available from the SI Academy

imageAnyone working with S-parameters is already familiar with the free version of SI Studio. It’s the only free tool which can display multiple S-parameter files as single-ended, as differential, in the frequency domain and in the time domain. But this tool can do far more.

The licensed version of SI Studio can synthesize well characterized signals and simulate what they would look like after passing through a channel, as described by its S-parameters. But more than this, it contains all the software running on all the Teledyne LeCroy high end scopes used to analyze real time signals.

For a limited time, the hardware key which unlocks all of the licensed features of SI Studio, can be purchased by Signal Integrity Academy Subscribers for the special price of $2,000. This is an exclusive offer only to current subscribers, with either an individual subscription or a corporate subscription.

Not sure if your company has a corporate subscription? Click on this link, enter your corporate email in the box and click the subscription check button. If your company has a corporate subscription, you will be directed to a link to set up your personal account and then access all the content on the SI Academy web portal.

What can you do with the licensed version of the SI Studio software tool? Want to see the time interval error track? Want to see the spectrum of the jitter? Want an eye diagram? Want to see the signal at the RX after FFE, CTLE and DFE equalization? The licensed version of SI Studio can do that.


A typical workflow for high speed serial ink analysis is to take a PRBS signal out of the TX, send it through the entire channel defined by its S-parameters, look at the signal that would appear at the RX, even with equalization applied, and how that data would look as an eye. All of these elements are embedded in the licensed  features of the SI Studio. And more.

imageA simple hardware key dongle unlocks all the simulator, special functions, eye analysis and display features found on high end scopes, but as a standalone tool, running on a Windows OS PC.

Install the full version you can download from the Teledyne LeCroy web site. Use it without the hardware key and you can explore S-parameters in all their glory. Plug in the hardware key delivered after you purchase the SI Studio license and you unlock all the high end functions found on the Teledyne LeCroy scopes.

This hardware key is not time limited. Once you own it, you can unlock the latest version of the SI Studio software, forever, even as it goes through new updates. Buy it once, use it forever.

Got your own measured data in a csv file, even if its from some other scope? Import it as a memory trace and perform the same analysis as if it were just acquired by a Teledyne LeCroy scope.

Got a channel for which you want to evaluate the highest data rate it will support? Synthesize the PRBS signal with two mouse clicks, see the signal before equalization and after optimized equalization settings. Synthesize the eye and identify which patterns cause mask violations.

SI Studio is not a substitute for a good circuit simulator tool like QUCS, Mentor Graphics HyperLynx or Keysight’s ADS. It will not simulate the S-parameters of a channel based in its geometry and material properties. It will not incorporate IBIS or AMI driver models. It’s just a super fast way of synthesizing signals, simulating their impact when propagating through a channel and analyzing what would be the received signal on a scope-like interface.

Now that the hardware key is available for this special price to Signal Integrity Academy Subscribers, a whole new course is being prepared and will be posted using SI Studio to explore signals on interconnects.

After all, SI Studio is only a tool. It can quickly and efficiently turn a measurement or simulation into information, but it still requires engineering judgment to turn this information into action. And that’s what the Signal Integrity Academy specializes in.

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