2017 Engineer of the Year Award- vote today!

DesignCon 2016 Engineer of the Year recipient Dr. Eric BogatinLast year, I was honored to receive the 2016 Engineer of the Year Award by UBM, the Organizers of DesignCon.

It was a very tough competition for me and the only reason I can think I might have won last year is that receivers of the chocolates I had thrown out in my many classes and lectures must have taken them as bribes to vote for me.

This year is no exception. In the running are:

  • Heidi Barnes
  • Istvan Novak
  • Krishnaswamy Ramkumar
  • Yuriy Shlepnev
  • Ransom Stephens

It’s a very tough competition as every one of these folks are exceptional and stand out in the field. I’ve worked with most of these candidates and they are all deserving. This year, I am voting for Heidi, but I hope the others are on the list next year so I can vote for one of them.

Cast your vote here. And do it by end of day Monday Jan 9, 2017!

The winner will be announced at DesignCon and then at DesignCon on Thursday, 3 pm, Suzanne Deffree, Editor in Chief at UBM, will lead a panel discussion in the Chiphead Theater with Mike Steinberger, the winner of 2015, me, and the new winner of 2017, in a free ranging discussion on the issue we think are important in our industry.

Vote this year and come join us!.

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