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imageLooking for the latest news in the SI/PI/EMI industry?

Want some valuable technical insights from some of the industry experts?

Want access to the latest webinars, conference presentations and technical papers that influence current design strategies?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’ll want to check out the new Signal Integrity Journal web site. Every week, there is new content posted on Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and Electromagnetic Interference topics.

Full disclosure, I am the editor, with Pat Hindle (the editor of Microwave Journal)  and Janine Love (former Czarina of DesignCon). I am thrilled to be associated with a distinguished group of experts on the Editorial Advisory Board, including Istvan Novak, Bert Simonovich, Al Neves, Doug Smith and Vladimir Dmitriev-Zdorov, from Mentor Graphics.

Here are some of the latest highlights to check out:

The Dec 15, 2016 newsletter  (sign up to get on the mailing list)

Collection of 14 videos, and growing recorded from the recent EDI Con 2016, including a PRN course form Heidi Barnes and Steve Sandler and a few presentations I gave.

A list of EDA design tools recommended by industry experts.

Two upcoming webinars on SI and PI topics.

More than a dozen while papers from leading companies.

And much more. Oh, and all content is free.

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