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In my latest article in the May 2017 issue of IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Magazine, my former student, Karthik Radhakrishna, and I describe a simple process using an open source tool to concatenate S-parameter elements.

S-parameters are often called a behavioral model for interconnects. They describe everything there is to know about the electrical properties of an interconnect. A complex channel is often constructed of many individual components. When simulating a channel. we get models for each of these elements from different sources, 2D field solvers, 3D field solver, measurements, or even vendors.

How do we build a single, composite S-parameter model from all these different  models? S-parameters, by themselves, do not cascade together.

This articles explains the details of how to build a single composite S-parameter model, and how to evaluate if you have it correct.  You can access a copy from here.

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