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March:  The blurring line between oscilloscopes and On-Die instrumentation

January: Measure a 75Ω cable with a 50Ω VNA
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December: Glass weave skew problems may be solved
December: The Bloch Wave effect
December: An important secret about transmission lines
December: Delay Line SI Puzzler

November: So you think you understand transmission lines

October: How to think in dB

September: Not all common currents are bad

August: Always a good policy to question authority
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January: Characterizing a high-density, controlled impedance test interface


September: Use S-parameters to describe crosstalk
September: Making the transition from bit banger to gigabit guru

April: Avoid a common S-parameter problem


Sometimes social networks (in vias) are not a good thing

Grandma’s vital signs on your phone

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Sanmina-SCI aims for transparent interconnects


Making the transition from bit banger to gigabit guru


What you lose from a lossy line

Analysis of board layout helps cure jitter problems